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10/25/2021 10:35:05 PM by Martin

Well here goes.... Since I know to put some HTML together I had my very own 'website', the first one on geocities if I remember correctly. I had NO idea what I was doing as I was putting text and images on the pages using FrontPage. The idea was I had a place to put on my own ramblings (keep in mind I was born in the 80's so no social media yet). Later on I discovered you could also write HTML using notepad, so I could see what FrontPage generated.. O the horror.

So back to the current time. Last decade I had an unused 'hello world' WordPress installation up and running on my web hosting. Once in while I got reminded about the fact I had this thing running when I received a mail that it was updated. I did not like WordPress then and do not like it now. Being a .NET developer I wanted to tinker around in a system using C#. On my work I was used to working with DNN which was almost the only option when it came to .NET CMS's back in the day but this system has his quirks to put it mildly. Luckily Umbraco was announced as a violable option for a specific project and this was love at first sight. So out with old, in with the new they say. I will be setting up this personal site on Umbraco and documenting every step of the way. Very recently I started out with following the Umbraco courses on where we setup a basic document structure and some CSS. This will be the starting point of my journey.

'High five! You rock!'

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